Topic: SF OUTAGE NOTICE: 11th July - New forum arriving soon

hi everybody,

we're about to upgrade the forum software so sometime tomorrow (Thursday 11th), the entire site will go into maintenance mode, and when it comes back, we'll have a new forum. from what I've seen it's mostly an update of the software at this point. the plan is that this will mean we can bring in some new features a lot easier than the old site.

Unfortunately we're not sure on timing. The theory says it'll be down a few hours. if it's more, don't freak out. put some sneakers on and go walking. enjoy a day with no ebeef. there's bound to be some teething troubles but we'll fix them as quick as we can.

Last i knew not all the threads would be coming over. anything that's had a post in the last year or so should come over. i don't know if we'll be able to add threads once the cut over is done. We do plan to remove some of the areas of the forum because basically they're not being used.


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