Topic: Australia vs U.S.A. (Cat Fight!)

Hi, I have a question for you female Australia sneakerheads.

Jordans are really popular in the U.S. right now, even for girls. Is it the same for you ladies here in Australia?


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Re: Australia vs U.S.A. (Cat Fight!)


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Re: Australia vs U.S.A. (Cat Fight!)

hahaha I would say as of late a lot of chicks in the AU have stepped heavy into the scene but noboddyyyyyyy can touch the USA in terms of chicks rocking sneakers... Just go to harlem or queens present day or 10 years ago. Not to mention LA had the adidas and futbol foots and Boston have had the runners scene on locks for the past decade easily... AJ's are def the flavor now though haha via instagram.

Re: Australia vs U.S.A. (Cat Fight!)

hey Chuxndunx,

I've just recently gotten into Jordans, I cant say there huge in Australia for girls.

I've actually never seen a girl rock them where I'm from, mostly everyone is into air max' and roche's