Topic: What were you "firsts"?

was pondering something for a thread, so I thought I'd try this. What was your first shoe of XXXX:
for me
My first Adidas; some blue and white canvas tennis shoe I don't know what it was
Asics: GT-II, first reissue from 1988
Brooks: Nexus
Converse: Weapon retro from 2000
New Balance: M830
Nike: Roadrunner
Puma: never had

Sneaker brand I knew of: Converse
Proper running shoe: Adidas Athens
Proper Basketball shoe: Nike Skyforce 1985
Cross trainer: Air Trainer TW
Jordan: cement 4, 1989
Collab: Solebox NB 990
Retro: Jordan 1 994
Shoe bought online: Converse weapon 2000

Re: What were you "firsts"?

My first Adidas/Asics/Brooks/Converse/NB/Reebok/Puma: never
Nike: sky force? court force? 85? 86? (sometime around then)
Sneaker brand I knew of: Adidas Rome
Proper running shoe: Nike Air Max
Proper Basketball shoe: Nike skyforce? courtforce
Cross trainer: cant remember. does Mowabb count?
Jordan: Jordan 2010?
Collab: Jordan 6 x Motorsport? Nitraid 10th Anniversary AF1 (there's bound to be others but none coming to mind immediately)
Retro: J8 Black/Chrome 2002?
Shoe bought online: never purchased from a online store. got a pair off instagram once?

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Intersport something or other

Diadora titan

Adidas rocket

Adidas meteor

Puma Dallas

Then Nike came along with 'air', so it was air this and that, all the Troop, BK and SPX range etc.

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Adidas: Lendls
Asics: Touch (Turf Shoe)
Brooks: Kona
Converse: Cz3200
New Balance: 574 or 576
Nike: AC Devlin
Reebok: Commitment Low
Puma: TX3
Saucony: GRID SD or GRID Eclipse

Sneaker brand I knew of: Probably Dad's Adidas
Proper running shoe: Depends how you define "proper"
Basketball shoe: Puma Hi Tops.
Cross trainer: Air Trainer TW
Jordan: White V's
Collab: Stussy Huas maybe?
Retro: J4 '99
Shoe bought online: Probably something off Crooked Tongues or Eastbay.

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lendls, nice

kona's! there the tri sho with the strappy thing going on, cool

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i'll try and fill this out to the best of my ability lol.

adidas: Retro Forum's
Asics: Gel Lyte 3's
Brooks: n/a
Converse: some random basketball shoe, can remember sort of what it looks like but not the name
New Balance: 577
Nike: air uptempo
Reebok: n/a
Puma: SF X Puma Bloodbath's
Saucony: SF X Saucony

Sneaker brand I knew of: nike
Proper running shoe: asics
Basketball shoe: prev mentioned converse/air max uptempo
Cross trainer: N/A
Jordan: would have been OG 9's if my cousin let me have them, but really was retro flint grey 13's
Collab: SF X Saucony
Retro: Flint Grey 13's
Shoe bought online: Nike AF1 Mid Waterproof's

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Go on then...

adidas: Norton
Asics: Gel Lyte Speed
Brooks: n/a
Converse: n/a
New Balance: 577
Nike: Cross Trainer Low (I remember writing AIR on the heel in red ballpoint to make them look better than they were)
Reebok: Fusion DMX (as I'm british I would have thought I owned a pair of Reebok Classic's during the 90's but I don't remember having any.)
Puma: Disc Blaze (early 00's retro)
Saucony: n/a
Sneaker brand I knew of: Nike
Proper running shoe: I don'd do "proper running" but I guess NB 890
Basketball shoe: 1993 Nike Air Force Mid
Cross trainer: Nike Cross Trainer Low
Jordan: Bordeaux 7's
Collab: Adidas x  Footpatrol AZX
Retro: Do SB Dunks count? if not white and blue AJ1
Shoe bought online: AF1 low in white (just like the ones on the cover of Rob Base and EZ Rock it takes two)

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Adidas Lendls were the BOMB when they dropped.

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