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A recent acquisition from a guy I know in my cycling circles, who got the frame off its original owner in QLD.


A suspected 1986 build, if the guesstimation is accurate from the BB serial number is accurate. On the topic of serial numbers, the typical serial stamp on the steerer is absent, so that is of note - possibly a steerer replacement or non-original fork.

Tubing is undetermined, but the bare frame weight comes in at 1925g, so that is in the ballpark of Columbus SL. BCM lugs, 74 degree seat and head angles, Gipiemme rear dropouts. A fairly tight frame.

The base of the steerer in the fork crown hasn't been finished flush with the bottom of the crown. The steerer is Columbus, as evident by the spiralling rifling within. The fork crown features Columbus dove pantographing and the entire fork is chromed. Some limescale was present which was removed with vinegar and al-foil.


Original owner was a lady, so no surprises at the eye-catching fairyfloss paint scheme. It's in amazingly good condition bar a rust spot or two that had a bit of a touch up. Nothing a bit of cut n polish can't do to a paint job.





The original componentry was mostly 6 speed Shimano 1050, with 6207 wheels, pedals and headset. The date stamps corresponded with 1986-1987 manufacture, so it coincides with the plausible 1986 frame build.

I upgraded with most of a 7400 series Shimano groupset, including 8 speed 7402 shifters and the matching fluted seatpost. The wheels are more modern 7900 hubs to Mavic Open Pro, which slid without much stretching in the originally 126mm rear spacing. SPD pedals because I likely won't be doing much serious riding on this, just my other other Sunday cafe cruiser.





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How many bikes do you own now? Lol



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f**king heaps!

this is a great pick-up thought Minh

If you need me, I'll be in space.

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DJS wrote:

How many bikes do you own now? Lol

haha, just had a quick count: I've had 17 bikes pass through my shed in the past four years, currently own 6.

the one pictured above was recently sold before I even rode it neutral

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